How to Capture a City

Even practiced photographers struggle to capture the essence of cities. Everyone has traveled abroad to an exciting new place, snapping hundreds of pictures with wild abandon, only to feel surprised--perhaps even betrayed--when our photos didn’t portray the scale of the buildings we saw, the humor of the people we met, or even the excitement of our experience. If you’re tired of lackluster travel photos, here

Marko Dimitrijevic: Most Liked on Instagram March 2018

Follow photographer and entrepreneur Marko Dimitrijevic on Instagram for #travelphotos and #globalvibes. Marko Dimitrijevic is the founder of Volta Global, a Miami-based private investment group. A pioneer in emerging markets investing, Marko has traveled the world while conducting due diligence for potential new opportunities. With more than 65,000 Instagram followers, Marko shares a glimpse of the world as he sees it. Here, his most popular post in March.  

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