Gallery Spotlight: Masters of the Land

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Two Cheetahs: These two cheetahs were basking in the afternoon sun in Tanzania

Baby Cheetah: A stroke of luck lead us to discover this very young baby cheetah next to her mother.


Tiger Close Up: Love those eyes!


Two Majestic Tigers: This is one of my favorite images. The opposing postures , with one tiger alert while the other is resting create a dynamic tension. And the background looks straight out of the Jungle Book!


Tiger in Water: I couldn’t get enough watching tigers. Whether on the prowl or , like here ,cooling off from the 110 degrees Indian heat, the sight of the tigers is magical.


Elephant Eye: This elephant looks like he is crying. While we know that elephant produce tears we don’t know if they are linked to emotions. I like this pensive look.


Orangutan with Baby: Looking for Orangutans in Kalimantan (the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo) I realized that the idea of these as slow movers was completely false. In the local language Orangutan means “man of the forest” and even with a baby this orangutan moved very fast in the canopy.


Baby blue: An adorable and very young baby cheetah in Tanzania


Mountain Gorilla: Nothing compares to the stare of the gorilla. Looking at their eyes we see another part of ourselves.


Tiger Cubs in the Water: I had followed these tiger cubs for over an hour when I was finally able to take the picture I was looking for when they both looked at me at the same time

“Be amazed every day by the beautiful planet we live in!”

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