Marko Dimitrijevic is a photographer and entrepreneur based in Miami, Florida. Marko has visited more than 100 countries where he captures what he calls “the amazing planet” that we live in. Each month here Marko shares a preview of the photographs that have captured his 20+K Instagram audience. Read on to learn more about the images that earned nearly 20,000 likes combined in August.



Here are the stories behind some of the images. 

Row 1, from left to right: August 13,  “It must be Switzerland!” writes Marko. “Nothing beats hiking on a sunny day in the Bernese Alps. Yesterday on the Rinderberg mountain at about 1,800 meters or 6,000 ft.”: August 19 in Centoes Quintana Roo, Mexico, “I love Cenotes because of the clarity of the water and the play of dark and light that the sun rays create,” writes Marko Dimitrijevic on Instagram; August 17 in Nunavut, Says Marko: “This polar bear was actually skidding on the ice and had to take a moment stabilizing on all four.”

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