Gallery Spotlight: Life Underwater

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Marko Dimitrijevic

Cave Diver in Cenotes: Beautiful sun rays filter through the crystal clear water of a Mexican cenote, an underground cave in Yucatan.


Diver with Ray of Sun: A diver’s silhouette in a Cenotes a fresh water sinkhole in Yucatan, Mexico.


Sailfish Silhouette: I wanted a different view of the iconic sailfish. To highlight the sail I took the picture against the light so that the sailfish would appear like a shadow puppet.


Humpback Whales: A humpback whale and her calf swimming effortlessly in the glorious Caribbean sea. A flip of their tails and they move 20ft forward leaving Mike Phelps and all the rest of us far behind.


Humpback Whale and Calf: I was fortunate to dive in Niue a remote island in the Pacific ocean that has very clear waters. Humpback whales pass by Niue every year migrating from the Antarctica to the warmer waters of the Pacific. After three days we encountered this mother with her calf. The curious calf approached me and I was able to get this close up.

Jelly Fish Lake: An oddity of nature jelly fish in this lake in Palau (Western Pacific) developed without predators. Over time they lost their sting so that you can snorkel among them. The absence of predators also created an amazing density of jelly fish in the lake.


Blue whale: Blue whales. Reaching up to 100ft in length (think of two school buses )the largest animal on earth is also one of most seldom observed underwater.


Blue Whale Head: Is this an alien? No, this is the head of a blue whale. The blue whales are very shy and much more difficult to approach than smaller whales. As this one passed below me I was privileged to view this gentle giant.


Humpback Whale Breaching: Few shows in the animal kingdom equal the sight and sound of a 40 ton whale jumping out and splashing the water with a thunderous noise.


Sailfish in Action: The sailfish is the fastest fish in the ocean. An experienced pack hunter the sailfish uses its “sail” to corral bait. A very fast subject that is difficult to photograph.


Mola Mola: The larges bony fish (sharks are fish but they have cartilage not bones for their skeleton) the Mola Mola or Sun fish can be found in many places. While up to 10 ft big it is a shy fish. We were lucky to spot their fins after looking for whales. Approaching them with kayaks I could get close enough to take this shot.


Three Rays: I really like the layout of this picture with the three rays looking like birds flying in a white sky.


Spotted Eagle Ray: I chose to take this beautiful fish in black and white to showcase its shape and its spots.

“Be amazed every day by the beautiful planet we live in!”

Marko Dimitrijevic is an accomplished photographer whose work has been published in numerous magazines including Alert Diver, American Photo, and Photopro, among others. In addition to his creative pursuits, Marko is also a leading expert on emerging markets. An entrepreneur, investor, photographer, and public speaker, Marko is the author of Frontier Investor: How to Prosper in the Next Emerging Markets, which is available on Amazon. He resides with his family in Miami, Florida.