There are 2 main areas of this website that you will consistently be adding content to:

1.) Adding new photos to the products area of the website.

2.) Adding new articles to the posts area of the website.

The following tutorials should help you tackle those tasks. If you need help along the way, please don’t hesitate to ask. 

This website was designed by Jay Goodrich

You can text or call him at: (970) 376-8883 or email him at: [email protected]

How-to ADD a New Photo to the Store

Step 1. Hover your mouse over “Products” on the left side of the dashboard navigation. Then click on “All Products“. Once clicked you will be taken to a list of all the current products or photos that are currently for sale on the website. (See Screenshot Below)


Step 2. It will be easiest if you click on the title of the newest product in this list, which in this screenshot example is: “Walking Tiger 2“. (Remember every time you add a new product, that product will be at the top of the “All Products” list.) Once clicked you will see the individual product page as in the screenshot below.

Step 3. Under the “Publish” Menu on the right of this example page you would CLICK – “Copy to a new Draft“. By doing this WordPress will automatically generate a new product based on the original. It takes the original product name and adds the word (Copy) to it. See Screenshot below. Once you do this, the new product is only a draft-meaning it will not be seen on the public side of the website until you click the blue “Publish” button. DON’T CLICK PUBLISH QUITE YET.

Step 4. Click the “Product Image” to the right under the “Publish” panel. Drag and drop or select a new image for the new draft product. Then verify or change the “Product category“. The “Categories” are pulled by the website to create the specific photo galleries. Next, change the “Product Author” to “Marko Dimitrijević“. NOW CLICK THE “PUBLISH” BUTTON. The new product will show up in the corresponding gallery on the public side of the website.

How-to ADD a New Post

Step 1. Write your article using your word processor of choice. (Word, Pages, Etc.)

Step 2. Hover your mouse over the “Posts” option on the left side of the dashboard navigation and click “New Post“. This will bring you into a new post. (See Screenshot Below)

Step 3. Give your post a name in the “New title” section.

Step 4. Copy your text from your word processing program. Then click and paste (command ‘v’) your text into the area that reads, “Start writing or type/to choose a block“.

Step 5. Change the Author to Marko Dimitrijević” on the right side menu dropdown.

Step 6. Add a featured image on the right side menu dropdown titled “Featured Image.

Step 7. Add a 1 to 2 sentence excerpt on the right side menu dropdown titled “Excerpt.

Step 8. Click either “Save Draft” or “Publish” at the top of the right hand menu.