About Marko Dimitrijevic

Marko Dimitrijevic has spent most of his life photographing the beauty of the world and documenting the lives of endless species. His interest in photography goes back to his teenage years when he spent an entire summer working towards buying his first SLR camera. Originally from Yugoslavia, Marko taught himself photography on the field during and following his extensive formal education and subsequent business career. With his camera and reading materials always in tow, Marko learned the art—and discipline—of photography. 

At the beginning of his journey, he would spend hours capturing images of the tiny creatures inhabiting his backyard as well as the landscapes and people that made his surroundings. Over the years, he’s gravitated towards nature photography focusing his lens and his time on endangered wildlife, marine species and ecosystems. Some of his most iconic images have been shot at locations as far apart as the Canadian Artic, Antarctica, Galapagos Islands, French Polynesia, India, Tibet, The Caribbean, Oceania, and countless others. 

By looking at Marko’s images, one can immediately notice his sensitivity and respect towards his subjects. His fascination for the behavior and habitat of wildlife species has made him travel to remote locations to follow them closely. Spending countless hours watching their movements, their habits, their souls. With patience and resilience, he awaits that moment of communion in which timeless photographs are born. 

After more than 30 years documenting life on earth, Marko has taken a step further by founding Art Benefits Earth, an organization dedicated to promote his work and the work of nature artists alike, whose mission is to encourage the exposure and conservation of our planet’s ecosystems and natural resources. By combining two important concerns of human kind – arts and nature – Art Benefits Earth aims is to become a gathering point for artists around the world to produce and exhibit works that positively impact our environment. Artworks that enhance the sensitivity of humans towards the planet. Art Benefits Earth is set to organize year-round exhibitions, workshops, conferences, competitions, and educational programs to raise awareness and funds that are invested in causes that need our immediate attention such as natural disasters or wildlife preservation. 

Marko Dimitrijevic is honored to have his work published in numerous magazines including Alert Diver, American Photo, Photopro, Islands, Seacam, and Showboats International. And as a writer, Marko is proud to have been contributed articles about entrepreneurship, investing and photography to publications like The Next Web, Thrive Global, and AlleyWatch. He attended the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, acquired Swiss citizenship in his early 20s, then went on to earn an MBA from Stanford University. Marko subsequently traveled to more than 100 countries, shaping both his business and photography style. Marko has noted that there’s a symmetry in his two passions: good pictures, like good investments, don’t happen with luck but require many hours of diligence, analysis, and grueling work. With a driven business acumen that has taken him around the world many times over, and with an artistic sensibility that has been described as eclectic, Marko continues to set himself apart as a renaissance man. 

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