Great White Shark Head On


This picture was published in Alert Diver Magazine the best scuba diving magazine in the USA in 2017. A Great White Shark portrait I took from a cage in about 20 ft of water at Guadalupe Island in the Pacific coast of Mexico. The most amazing fish in the world!

This shot was also selected to participate at a group show exhibition at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History where 100 best nature photographs from the 2018 Nature’s Best Photography magazine contest were showcased. It was chosen as a winner among 26,000 photos from 59 countries.

When a great white shark swims directly towards you, it feels like a jet airplane is aimed at your face. I might have flinched in response, but being in the cage allowed me to wait until the frame was filled with Carcharodon carcharias. Because of the clarity of the water I could shoot at 64 mm, which is unusual underwater, where I would normally use more white-angle lenses for a creature this large. The short telephoto also provides a different perspective while the head-on angle shows the immense power of this predators.

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